Professional Dancing

Professional Dance Careers

Professional dancing is one of the most physically demanding careers available, and those who practice it often begin learning as children. While this is not...

Professional Dancing

Dance Rehearsals

When any dance number is to be performed, there are numerous rehearsals. The reason for this is because each part of the dancer's body must...

Professional Dancing

Dance for a Musical

Whenever a project requires a musical number, the director will hire a choreographer to plan the dance steps and train the performers. The choreographer will...

Dance is the visual translation of music into physical activity, and each move is carefully planned by a professional. These people are called choreographers, and they study dance for years before they are allowed an opportunity to do their work. Most of them are former dancers who have chosen to express their creativity in a new way, and they have the advantage of experience. Few people who do not understand the rigors of dance performance are able to become choreographers.

Creativity, dance knowledge and leadership ability are the keys to becoming a successful choreographer. Many of them begin with small dance numbers, and they must build their reputation if they want to advance to larger projects. Those who are successful can build a name that makes them desirable in many different areas, and they are often requested on big budget musicals for the stage and film projects.